We’re Happy to Say Hello to You… Welcome

For Goodness Sake, It’s Max and Jake, is the first book in a new series that will publish September, 2013. The adventures my dogs take, the questions they ask, and the activities you’ll find here, will give you and your child a fun and engaging way to explore language, learning, and thinking skills together.

I’ve enjoyed working with children and their parents for over thirty years and have been creating educational materials for just as long. I’ve learned that one of the best ways to help children learn is to involve them in an activity through questions and hands-on experience. The more actively involved they are, the more they will remember the activity and the language attached to it. When they make decisions about how a page should look or where they would like a picture placed, they are using important planning and organizational skills. These skills are some of the building blocks they’ll need for academic growth and success in the future.

Today’s world is filled with more technology than we have time to use, but it’s important to remember that nothing is more valuable to your child’s language and brain development than the time spent with you. The materials, resources and tips you’ll find here are designed to provide a variety of tools to help make your time together enjoyable and meaningful. Max, Jake, and I welcome you and your family.

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